• Map application TreeFOX

    App TreeFOX

    Map application designed to manage city’s green areas registers more than 10 000 vegetation elements in Hradec Králové. The employees in the field are always equipped with the neccesary information.

  • Road Safety

    App Road Safety

    Road Safety
    There are more than 5 000 collisions with animals announced in the Czech Republic annually and material damage beyond 150 millions Czech crowns. Check the number of collisins on your way!
    Road Safety, competition ESNC

" GIS data processing and map application development is our life passion. "

Map application

BeerFox Beer and Brewery Map

Beer Map and Brewery Map

AirFox Map of the airport

AirFox - management and map of the airport area

TreeFox Green management

TreeFox - Management of urban greenery

Load maps Load indexes

Map application for engineers - Load maps

Road Safety Vehicle accident

Map of Vehicle accident

Himalayan tigersClimbers in the Himalayas

Map of climbers from the Czech and Slovak Republics in the Himalayas since 1969

GISmapPublic maps

Map applications for everyone

Václav HavelLife on the map

Vaclav Havel's official, business and private trips

Foreigners ČRMinistry of the Interior

Number and nationality of foreigners with permitted stay in the Czech Republic.

GISmap - Map applications for everyone

Your all geographic information in our map application with responsive design.

Non-profit maps Maps that help

Map Applications for Nonprofits organization

GreenFox Golf maps

Map applications for golf courses

Non-profit - Maps that help

We appreciate people who can help others and we will be happy to help with what we do best.

For nonprofit organizations whose activities help in different areas of today's world, we have FREE LICENSE our map application. We would like to cooperate on environmental projects. Inform the public about your activity using a map application!

You can try the map application with data of Médecins Sans Frontières here: Non-profit maps or use YouTube.

Ready, steady, go!

This way we launched our first web map application and soon won the first prize at Apps4Europe 2014. This motivated us to work even harder and develop new web applications.

The company which required the map app deserves the part of the prize. Their employees gave us specific requirements regarding content and functions. Out task was to come up with realization, put it into operation and finally accept the award at the ceremonial.

Of course, we honour our clients and apply any previously proven procedured on their particular conditions. Each client knows his specific needs and requirments the best, so based on this knowledge we can tailor the application so it is time- saving and clarify the work itself. The map application is not lauched until you are absolutelly satisfied.

mfox.cz is a team of people with more than 10 years experience in information and geoinformation technologies. We focus on GIS data processing and map output. We develop our own online user-friendly map applications, which are built on modern opensource technologies.

Our success:

Apps for Europe

1st place

European Satellite Navigation

5th place

Nadace Open Society Fund

6th place

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" Will you be interested in our work, let us know and we can tailor an app on you. "